Stingray Service Gateway

Stingray SG is a software product designed for Internet service providers, IPTV providers and other companies of telecom industry.


Stingray Service Gateway is a software-defined solution, uniting in itself such tools and services, as necessary for modern internet service provider, to make it easy to maintain and operate.

Key features & benefits

Key features BNG Complete
Layer-1 Internal bypass support Yes Yes
Statistics gathering and analysis on protocols and directions Yes Yes
Traffic prioritization depending on a protocol and direction Optional Yes
Common and virtual channels policing Yes Yes
Subscriber notification and marketing campaigns Yes Yes
Subscriber channel policing for IPv4 and IPV6 Yes Yes
Allow Lists and Captive Portal Yes Yes
BNG/BRAS L3 (IPoE), Dual Stack IPv4/IPv6, Radius with CoA Yes Yes
BNG/BRAS L2 (PPPoE, DHCP), Dual Stack IPv4/IPv6 Yes Yes
Router (BGP, OSPF) Yes Yes
Carrier Grade-NAT Optional Yes
Ads blocking and replacing Optional Yes
Mini-Firewall for blocking on certain ports Optional Yes
Protection against DOS and DDOS attacks Optional Yes
Regulatory compliance
Filtering by the blocklisted Internet sites No Yes
GUI (Graphical User Interface) Global version No Optional
Lawful Interception (LI) No Yes
Additional modules and services
GUI (Graphical User Interface) Base version Yes Yes
QoE (Quality of Experience) module Base version Yes Yes
QoE (Quality of Experience) module Standart version Optional Optional
Adding banners to HTTP sites Subscription Subscription
Signatures SDK Subscription Subscription
Extended signatures packs Subscription Subscription
Stand by License
Stand by License 25% from main License 25% from main License

Platform Perfomance Subscribers CPU RAM Ports
Platform SSG-6G 5+1Gbps 400K 8 Cores 32GB 2x10Gbe SFP+
Platform SSG-10G 8+2Gbps 1M 12 Cores 48GB 2x10Gbe SFP+
Platform SSG-20G 15+5Gbps 2M 16 Cores 64GB 4x10Gbe SFP+
Platform SSG-40G 30+10Gbps 4M 24 Cores 96GB 4x10Gbe SFP+
Platform SSG-60G 45+15Gbps 6M 32 Cores 128GB 8x10Gbe SFP+
Platform SSG-80G 60+20Gbps 8M 48 Cores 160GB 4x40Gbe QSFP
Platform SSG-100G 80+20Gbps 10M 64 Cores 256GB 8x40Gbe QSFP
latform SSG-120G 100+20Gbps 12M 64 Cores 512GB 8x40Gbe QSFP

Stingray network implementation

Stingray SG offers two licensing modes:

  • Service mode (OPEX) Suggests fees for licenses’ use, with monthly billing periods payment scheme.
  • On-premise (CAPEX) Is licenses’ ownership purchasing. One-time payment + an annual fee for support.

Stingray SG doesn’t depend on a particular server hardware supplier and can be flexibly adapted to business requirements.

identifiable protocols
100 Gbps
per one CPU


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