Firewall and Anti-DDoS

Stingray SG comes with a firewall that protects users from being hacked on open ports and blocks any illegal user activity. The firewall protects your network from overload and malware, improves the quality of service, and ensures reliable and secure operations. The firewall can be used together with the QoE module to reveal the perpetrator and the victim and quickly notify users about any suspicious activity.

The firewall is easy to configure and can be launched quickly. The firewall works with the following ports:


Access on ports below this number is blocked


List of ports where access is allowed


Ports where egress traffic is blocked


Customer account to which the settings apply

Stingray SG firewall identifies:

  • Type of attack
  • Source of attack
  • Approximate number of attackers
  • Aim of the attack

Additionally, Stingray SG provides protection against DoS and DDoS attacks that prevent users from accessing or using resources as intended.

Protection against TCP SYN flood

Identify SYN flood attacks that consume the resources of the target system. Stingray SG registers suspicious activity and reacts when the amount of non-processed SYN requests sent by a subscriber exceeds the allowed threshold. Stingray SG will handle these requests and allow connection to the legitimate website only after final approval.

Protection from fragmented UDP flood

Stingray SG identifies UDP fragmentation attacks, in which a large number of UDP packets is sent to the targeted system with the aim of making the system unable to process and respond. The DPI system processes only protocol sets that are relevant for the protected website and drops any other packets.

Anti-DDoS based on CAPTCHA

CAPTCHA is a type of Turing test designed for determining whether or not the user is human. If the number of requests exceeds the allowed threshold, the user will be asked to solve a CAPTCHA. When the CAPTCHA is solved, the user is considered to be legitimate and is allowed to access the website.

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