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Secure high availability IaaS. Quickly scalable computing resources for any workloads

ITGLOBAL.COM cloud sites are located in reliable data centers in the USA and Netherlands.

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) from ITGLOBAL.COM is a cloud platform that offers many possibilities. Develop and test applications, run resource-intensive corporate software, deploy websites, create a disaster recovery platform, expand your existing infrastructure, or migrate to the cloud completely.

Public Cloud Benefits


ITGLOBAL.COM monitors service availability 24 hours a day. If a problem occurs, the monitoring system automatically lets our engineers know. Incidents are resolved within minutes.

Rapid scalability

Increase or reduce the amount of allocated resources based on your project needs. It’s a matter of a few mouse clicks.


For 12 years, we have been working with information security, including cloud service auditing. We know how to properly organize IaaS security to protect your services.

Transparent pricing

Rent the necessary amount of vCPU, RAM, disk space, and only pay for the resources actually used monthly. You can also pay for the amount of actually used resources billed at half-hour intervals (Pay-As-You-Go).

Technical support

ITGLOBAL.COM engineers get deeply involved in your tasks and needs in order to offer the best solution. Our experts have the necessary experience and the best tools to monitor IaaS performance, predict possible problems, and quickly respond to incidents 24/7.

High availability

The ITGLOBAL.COM infrastructure is based on best-in-class hardware and software models: Cisco servers and switches, NetApp storage systems, and VMware virtualization solutions. The infrastructure is located in secure data centers in the USA, the Netherlands, Kazakhstan. All of this ensures the high availability of our cloud services.

Global infrastructure is well-suited for these types of tasks

Migrating IT infrastructure to the cloud

For example, when the local infrastructure becomes obsolete, and the costs associated with purchasing are far too high. A public cloud is the best option for deploying resource-intensive business applications that require periodic hardware capacity increases.

Development test environments

Flexibility and the ability to quickly scale the system make virtual infrastructure the ideal environment for application development and testing. IaaS lets developers experiment and try new tools.

Temporary projects

Another popular option is to ramp up your resource capability with rented IaaS to handle seasonal loads. This scenario is helpful for online stores, for example, that get dramatic traffic increases during winter holidays, discounts, and promotions.

Backup platform

IaaS can be used as backup data storage in case disaster recovery becomes necessary. The customer can define the schedule and frequency of backups at will. Your data is safe. The servers are geographically distributed between the US, the Netherlands, Kazakhstan.

ITGLOBAL.COM Public Cloud Diagram

IaaS Frees You from

Capital expenditure

No need to invest in equipment, server room design, fail-safe model implementation, and infrastructure availability — we took care of all that for you.

Zero maintenance and support costs

We free you from routine maintenance chores, swapping out failed components, updating server hardware, and even worrying about performance issues.

Zero risk of unavailability

Our high level of data center disaster tolerance excludes potential impacts from power outages, Internet and server failure, or other fault conditions which could disrupt your services.

Zero idle capacity losses

In case of service cancellation or inaccurate infrastructure sizing, there is always the chance of capacity left unused. With us you pay only for the resources needed at the moment. Anytime a particular service is canceled, you simply stop payment on any unused resources.


An experienced managed services provider

ITGLOBAL.COM is a MSP with 12 years of experience in implementing and administering various cloud services: IaaS, PaaS, SaaS. We create and upgrade infrastructure for B2B and B2C customers, and will always find the best solution for your tasks.

A reliable cloud platform

VMware and ITGLOBAL.COM are technology partners. VMware solutions have proven their usability, flexibility, and security in projects of different scales. We will help you upgrade your VMware-based workloads or migrate them to our cloud.

IaaS for hyperscalers

We provide and administer public clouds and services like AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. Focus on your business, and let an experienced MSP manage your cloud infrastructure.

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