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Virtual infrastructure lease (IaaS) – easily scalable computing resources powered by cloud-based VMware with guaranteed availability of any hosted IT services

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Service Description

The IaaS service model provides customers with whatever computing capacity they need to run their own services, yet without capital investment, and with transparent pricing.

Cloud infrastructure is a high-speed, reliable platform solution for hosting your business services. It resides within a high-tech data center, and is powered by high-performance equipment from an IaaS provider.

Our Data Centers Feature:

Multiple independent, redundant power supplies from different electric utilities

Standby diesel generator sets with sufficient fuel reserve to ensure uninterrupted long-term operation of the entire data center at full IT load

Redundant internal power distribution and standby power generation systems, to eliminate any single point of failure

Redundant internal cooling systems to eliminate any single point of failure

Multiple physical security perimeters assure strictly controlled access to facilities and equipment

Multiple physically separated cable routes connecting to the backbone

Cisco UCS B480 M5 Blade servers powered by four 18-core Intel® Xeon® Gold 6154 Scalable Processors, 3.0 GHz

Cisco UCS is among the best platforms designed for cloud environments. It is an all-in-one solution to manage hardware components, able to auto-detect new server blades. Cisco UCS API allows using in-house developments to extend functionality. Powered by Cisco Nexus switches, blade servers operate with almost no latency at speeds of up to 40 GBit/s. The edge traffic is routed through Cisco ASR 9001, and then forwarded to internal Cisco Nexus 93180 switches, in failover.

Virtual machines and their disks are hosted on fast SSDs powered by dependable HA NetApp AFF A300 arrays.

All the Customer’s data is backed-up on three most distant physical storage media. With Intel multiprocessor chips and high-performance memory, SANs provide not less than 99.9999% availability level.


24/7 ITGLOBAL.COM customer support is strictly compliant with ITIL v3 methods and ITSM/MOF practices.

We provide an easy access to the Centralized Support Service via phone, or e-mail, or web interface.

Routine operations, such as software updates or resolving performance issues, are all handled automatically without interruption to customer services. All support requests or monitoring system events are tracked in the system. Scheduled changes (RFC) are rolled out only with prior notification.

ITIL v3-compliant tech support includes:

  • Incident Management: standardized system for incident tracking and processing
  • Service Request Management: routine support requests are processed in accordance with definitions and resolution time rules specified by SLA
  • Change Management: infrastructure changes are implemented to an SLA compliant, uniform set of policies
  • Service Level Management: we assume financial liability in the event of SLA noncompliance


You pay only for services used. Service cost is calculated based solely on the infrastructure capacity required by your project. We offer the following payment options:


A fixed monthly payment for a pool of provisioned computing resources. Guaranteed capacity and quantity. Performance of leased virtual infrastructure will always measure up to your project needs.

The volume of services used is determined mid-billing cycle. Billing for vCPU and vRAM resources includes only active virtual machines. Whenever the server is powered off you pay only for disk space.


You pay only for resources actually consumed. We calculate based on the average monthly leased resource load. To calculate the service volume used, we multiply vCPU and vRAM resources by server operating time over the billing cycle.

Billing is done automatically every 2 hours. Information on services used is available in your personal account. Disk space volume is calculated at the end of the reporting cycle.

Our Strengths


Your resources are hosted in a reliable Tier III Data Center to unsure an uncompromisingly high level of availability


You completely control your resource pool

Data Protection

Backup rotation settings customizable to meet your needs


Guaranteed resource performance to eliminate risk of degradation


Close support alongside at every stage of your project: from implementation to ongoing support


Professional support team available 24/7

IaaS Frees You from:

  • Capital expenditure. No more need to invest in equipment, server room design, fail-safe model implementation, and infrastructure availability—we took care of all that for you!
  • Zero maintenance and support costs. We free you from routine maintenance chores, swapping out failed components, updating server hardware, and even worrying about performance issues.
  • Zero risk of unavailability. Our high level of data center disaster tolerance excludes potential impacts from power outages, Internet and server failure, or other fault conditions which could disrupt your services.
  • Zero idle capacity losses. In case of service cancellation or inaccurate infrastructure sizing, there is always the chance of capacity left unused. With us you pay only for the resources needed at the moment. Anytime a particular service is canceled, you simply stop payment on any unused resources.

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