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A ready-made set of products and services to ensure information security. Designing a secured IT infrastructure

What is information security?

Information security is a set of data protection practices. It deals with access management, disclosure, destruction or modification of information, negative consequences of incidents, and much more. The information can be tangible (documents), intangible (knowledge), and electronic.

The protection of data integrity, confidentiality and availability is one of information security key areas. Developing special policies, procedures and instructions that determine organizational measures and technical means to protect information, is an important part of information security. Security of information is needed during its processing, transmission, storage, and destruction.

In addition, there exist different global and domestic standards describing general principles of security.

ITGLOBAL.COM deals with the following issues

  • IT infrastructure vulnerabilities

    We examine the client’s infrastructure as a whole and its individual components. We assess the protection level of critical data, level of incident response and other important processes, including technical aspects and data backup.

  • Attacks against the information system

    We analyze means and methods for cyber crime protection, including DDoS attacks, the vulnerability of public resources and internal networks.
    We carry out pentests to simulate attacks using Black Box and Gray Box/White Box models.

  • Laws and standards noncompliance

    We help bring your information security and business processes in compliance with Regulation No. 382-P (On information security for money transfers), Federal Law No. 152-FZ (On Personal Data), and PCI DSS. Every service includes a detailed audit and compliance assessment or pre-audit, with a mandatory report and recommendations to eliminate inconsistencies.

Who will benefit

Information security services are relevant for those companies willing to improve their IT infrastructure security, but who lack necessary human resources and experience.

Most companies do not need this, because it is much easier and cheaper to consult experts.

With experience and professionalism of security experts, the client receives guaranteed service and reduces costs, concentrating on developing main business areas.

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