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Success stories of ITGLOBAL.COM

Success Stories

In the Middle East, ISPs are often faced with the fact that the users with unlimited data plans provide Internet access to third parties. Since it is difficult to catch such “entrepreneurs” without the use of specialized software, ISPs need a solution that can help identify unscrupulous subscribers. In this article, we describe how ITGLOBAL.COM’s professionals, with the support of local partner BitByte, LLC, implemented a solution for Noor Albidaya to monitor and analyze internet traffic, which ended up helping the ISP track suspicious user traffic while managing to comply with stringent regulatory requirements.

USA based company Sparkz Systems develops CRM platforms, builds its own IT products and runs extended number of projects. Active business growth requires a lot of resources, which need to be dynamically allocated to optimize code-building processes and infrastructure maintenance. ITGLOBAL.COM DevOps team designed and implemented a complex project for Sparkz Systems, optimized the company’s product development processes and took over management and support of the Kubernetes cluster and repositories, perfoming code building and delivery.

Austrian software developer jSparrow has found that his local infrastructure no longer meets the resilience requirements of the business and more human resources are required to maintain the development environment. This article describes how ITGLOBAL.COM experts implemented a complex project in which they moved the client’s software development infrastructure to the cloud and took care of its administration.

The African Internet services provider Rofa Network was looking for a flexible, reliable, and cost effective traffic management solution as well as the modern hardware. ITGLOBAL.COM reveals the details of the exciting customer success story with unexpected difficulties, a plot twist and, of course, a happy ending.

About the Client Sizdev specializes in developing software products for large and small companies in the international market with a focus on eliminating obstacles and preventing problems through in-house methodologies and techniques. The client’s infrastructure is hosted by a third-party cloud provider.

We are excited to announce the successful completion of a project to create an IT infrastructure for the Center for Disaster Medicine. The Center for Disaster Medicine provides medical assistance to the people in emergency situations.

A prominent footwear brand KEDDO approached ITGLOBAL.COM’s Systems Integration department with a particularly challenging task. In doing so, KÉDDO found a partner that could implement a fault tolerant, high availability private cloud system hosted at two independent sites to safeguard business-critical services. We will show you how our team successfully implemented this cloud project for KÉDDO by leveraging integrated High-End solutions at no additional cost to the customer.

A cloud provider Serverspace ( was looking for a virtualization solution in addition to the existing VMware-based cloud. The main idea was to find the way to provide high performance virtualized resources without huge investment in ultra-expensive server hardware. As well software license price was one of critical parameters for service cost optimization. Below there is a project story and results that were achieved with vStack hyperconverged platform implementation.

The company’s virtual infrastructure is at Amazon Web Services. Cartwheel was searching for an outsource partner to support and develop the infrastructure — so that the company could focus on its immediate business processes.

How to migrate from Public to the Private Cloud

This company produces more than 1M units annually – from that million more than 1500 are items new to the market; it holds 30 patents and is in the Top-100 cosmetic manufacturers and in Top-10 growing perfume and cosmetic manufacturers in 2020.

ITGLOBAL.COM team has scaled successful operations of AI-based chatbots in customer service and multiplied the number of served clients.

We are frequently citing the cases, when businesses successfully implemented their projects with the use of cloud solutions. Topic of migration from on-premises into the cloud direction already gained popularity.

Kevin Buckley and Matthew Lawlor, the university friends, founded Spearline Labs in 2003. To facilitate sales on the software market, the company signed an agreement with Mandriva Linux – this helped to localize and distribute the software on both Irish and European markets. In 2006 Spearline Labs developed an Asterix-based PBX solution for small and medium businesses and introduced innovative speech recognition technologies that use geographically distributed solutions.

ITGLOBAL.COM entered a partnership with marketing start-up Analyticson. Specialists of the company transferred the system to the Tier 3 Data Center, redesigned the architecture for further scale-out growth and provided a fail-proof database cluster for stable operations. This helped Analyticson developers to focus on product development and not to waste resources on project’s operational support.

Cooperation of Jotun international group of companies and ITGLOBAL.COM counts already 5 years. Jotun placed its infrastructure in ITGLOBAL.COM private cloud and backed it up, using VMware vCloud Availability solution. Let us share why we consider this an exemplary project.

The pentest showed that FINOM’s web application is well-secured. ITGLOBAL.COM’s pentest report was accepted and approved by FINOM’s European partner bank.

ER-Telecom (Dom.Ru), a Russian ISP, now sells IaaS services on ITGLOBAL.COM infrastructure under their own brand. Thanks to our White Label program, has expanded its service portfolio and increased its turnover by $5,000 per month.

ITGLOBAL.COM information security specialists provided penetration testing for Digital Attitude, using Black Box model. Pentest helped to evaluate security of public resources and client services, as well as threat level of found vulnerabilities.

One of the biggest telecom operators of Russia, in a framework of White Label partnership program, added self-branded cloud services to its IT portfolio. Today Vega offers IaaS on ITGLOBAL.COM platforms, earning 30% from each payment of its customers.

As a part of the deal with ITGLOBAL.COM, the Yota de Nicaragua cell phone carrier got access to the Stingray Service Gateway (SG) traffic management system. They were also given a full solution support package for marking and prioritizing traffic packets.

ITGLOBAL.COM supplied the DPI system to Trans-Dniester communications service provider Interdnestrcom (IDC). The IDC subscriber base has 250,000 landline and mobile customers.

ITGLOBAL.COM Integration supplied and configured Stingray service gateway for StarNet, Moldova’s largest commercial telecom operator, optimizing the existing network with more than 130,000 active users.

Cloud technologies have more and more penetration and strength in various business activities, including automotive. Practical outcomes demonstrate: cloud technologies usage by car manufacturers is both simplifying a number of tasks and significantly lowering expenses. As the multi-faceted solution, computer cloud provides unique possibilities and advantages. Let us be specific.

Business vocabulary had firmly embraced terms like “holding” and “international project” long ago. Yet, can we picture how big projects work and how their “quality” has changed with arrival of new IT technologies, including the cloud ones?

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