NetApp is an leading technology company, one of the world's leading manufacturers of storage and data management systems. ITGLOBAL.COM is a Prestige partner of NetApp (known as Gold status in the past) and has considerable expertise and experience in implementing vendor solutions for a wide range of customers.


Our core competencies

  • NetApp Cloud Service Provider
  • NetApp Implementation Services
  • NetApp Professional Services
  • NetApp Support Services
  • NetApp Professional Services Certified for Clustered Data ONTAP

Benefits of NetApp storage systems

  • Ease of scaling and upgrading is achieved through a seamless system architecture
  • Ability to combine with enterprise applications and merge with virtualization systems
  • Optimal combination of excellent performance and high system fault tolerance
  • Integration of a large number of different protocols (NFS, FC, CIFS, iSCSI, FTP, HTTP) to form a complete convergent storage system
  • Possibility of simultaneous file and block access via one device

How NetApp storage helps capacity savings and improves service delivery

  • Deduplication. Total capacity freed up by 20 – 33%
  • Thin Provisioning (FlexVol). The total capacity is released by 20 – 33%
  • Double Parity RAID (RAID-DP). 46% more capacity savings over mirroring and RAID10 methods
  • Snapshot Copies. Up to 80% capacity savings when storing only changed data
  • Thin Replication. Data protection by copying from disk to disk provides up to 95% free capacity
  • Virtual Clones (FlexClone). Recording virtual copies saves up to 80% of capacity by storing only changed data

What else does NetApp storage solve?

  • Expanding virtualization capabilities for both servers and workstations
  • Combining existing network attached storage (NAS) based on NetWare or, for example, Windows
  • Multiple copying of data for reporting, software development and testing tasks
  • Significant savings in system resources by reducing backup time

Even more options for data management and protection

SnapMirror is NetApp disk array-level replication technology. SnapMirror allows you to back up your data on a NetApp disk array in our cloud and keep it up to date. The database backup is created on a read-only volume. If the primary database instance fails, reverse replication mode is enabled and data is restored from the replica.

The essence of the technology is to periodically copy data from the source volume to the destination volume in the ITGLOBAL.COM cloud on a set schedule. A copy of the data is created in read-only mode. Such a copy may be used for various tasks, including those related to, for example, business intelligence. In this case, the database on the source volume remains available, all actions are performed without stopping the service.

Allows you to backup to the cloud ITGLOBAL.COM database located on any media (local server disk, array of any vendor). This functionality is free, supported on all modern operating systems.

For MS SQL, starting with OSSV 3.0.1, a special mode of creating copies on the target system is supported. A special plug-in for OSSV allows you to perform a full backup of the database and transaction logs without downtime, using the standard Windows VSS functionality.

Multistore allows you to create a partition (vFiler) within the disk array, which is essentially a virtual instance of the array, within which backup or test instances of databases are deployed. Such partitions can be easily migrated from one array to another, which significantly improves data availability.

An application designed to manage database backups, restore from backups and create database clones. With SnapManager you can back up the database “on the fly”, because when you create a snapshot the database is automatically “frozen” to obtain a consistent snapshot.

Reliable and productive NetApp storage systems

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