NetApp archived storage models

Model Perfect for HA pair form factor Maximum effective volume Maximum SSD
AFF A700s Performance-hungry applications while saving space 4U 316,3 PB 2592
AFF A320 Corporate applications requiring high performance with ultra-low latency 2U 35 UB 576
AFF A300 Corporate applications requiring high performance and scalability 3U 562,2 PB 4608
AFF A220 Medium-sized businesses looking for a balance between productivity and cost 2U 193,3 PB 1728
AFF C190 Small companies and remote offices 2U 55.5 TB (at 3:1 compression ratio) 24
FAS8200 Corporate customers to consolidate business-critical data storage tasks with extensive scalability 3U 57 UB 5760
Scalable up to 24 controllers
Model EF570 EF280
Perfect for Big Data Processing, High Performance Computing Placement of individual loaded databases, video surveillance
HA pair form factor 2U 2U
Performance 1 000 000 IOPS 4K random read when <100 × 〖10〗^(-6) с Latency 300 000 IOPS 4K random read
Throughput Up to 21 Gbps Up to 10 Gbps
Maximum number of disks 120 96
Maximum amount of “raw” disk space 1,8 PB 1,5 PB
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