NetApp Ransomware Protection

Plan, deploy, and manage a ransomwareready hybrid cloud data infrastructure that’s secure, available, reliable, and recoverable

A multi-layered solution for your most valuable asset

Ransomware is a multi-layered threat that requires a multi-layered solution. The heart of your solution must include robust and intelligent storage and services that provide the foundation for your data protection, detection and recovery.

5 reasons to protect with NetApp

As a leader in data management, NetApp applies its skills to prevent the damage of ransomware where it hurts the most, at the data layer. Our portfolio of solutions focuses on thwarting threats to your data, while accelerating data recovery.

NetApp Solutions Advantages:


NetApp ONTAP creates immutable and indelible copies of your data that can be efficiently and securely replicated to secondary storage or object storage to create a logical air gap.


AI/ML powered capabilities monitor user accounts and storage performance for unusual behavior that may indicate an attack, and then triggers alerts and creates Snapshot copies for a clean recovery point.


The best protection means nothing if you can’t recover your data. Restore data in seconds or minutes to get your applications and business back online. Then apply intelligent forensics to isolate the threat.

ONTAP® data management software, can help you to:

  • Detect ransomware
  • Prevent the spread of ransomware
  • Recover quickly
  • Avoid paying the ransom
  • Stop day zero ransomware attacks
  • Develop an overall ecosystem data protection strategy for ransomware


Global managed IT provider

ITGLOBAL.COM has more than 10 years of experience partnering with NetApp. Hundreds of customers from Europe, Central America, the Middle East, CIS countries trust our knowledge and experience around the world.


The company’s IT infrastructure is built on high-performance storage systems from NetApp’s FAS, E, and AFF series, including the latest AFF A400, A700, and A800 NVMe/FC solutions. ITGLOBAL.COM uses the FlexPod convergent platform as the base architecture for its cloud platforms.

Any Qualifications You Need

The customer has an opportunity to engage our specialists – storage architect, virtualisation engineer, cloud expert, etc. – at any specific stage of the project.

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