Information Security Audit

External security assessment of and expert recommendations on your IT services.

Information Security Audit


Information security audit — understand how secure are your business IT assets. Our experts assess the security and vulnerability of your IT system, detecting its weaknesses and noncompliances. Based on the information collected, we prepare a detailed IT security report with corrective action recommendations that are backed by best international practices. Following our expert recommendations will ensure your infrastructure is compliant with high security standards.

What We Audit


Audit wireless and local area networks, network access control, and network segmentation

Operating Systems

Audit of OS security settings

Virtualization Systems

Audit of virtualization system security configuration


Audit of database security configuration

Your Specific Needs

Audit of specific IT infrastructure components

Information Security Tools

Audit of information security controls settings

Information Security Processes

Audit of information security management system

Equipment Rooms

Security assessment of the rooms in scope of the audit

Why Outsource an Information Security Audit?

Reduced Risk of Confidential Information Leaks

Reveals your current information security posture. Following our expert recommendations ensures higher security level and minimizes risks to your infrastructure

Increased Control over Your IT and Cybersecurity Units

Improves access of higher management to control over IT and information security departments

Helps Create or Improve Your Business Processes

Enables you to create or assess your current information security and IT processes, and protect your business sensitive data at the required level

How We Work

  1. Sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)

  2. Agree on dates and hold face-to-face interviews with your representatives to collect necessary information and check current settings of IT system components

  3. Post-audit:

    • Consult on how to improve your infrastructure
    • Share personal experience
    • Carefully investigate reasons for issues and derive best approaches on solving them
    • Prepare a detailed report on current situation with recommendations on improvements

We understand how sensitive your information may be: any data system checks are carried out by your employees under close supervision of our experts.

Scope of Our Service

Collecting information required

Compliance of data collection with best practices in Information Security

Security assessment and analysis of the current level of protection

Expert recommendations on noncompliance issues detected

Audit report with a detailed description of noncompliance issues detected

Who Will Benefit

Companies seeking to avoid financial losses and reputation risks

Companies seeking to ensure better internal control

Companies impacted by security incidents

Main Advantages

IT security audit assesses your current information security measures, while following ITGLOBAL.COM expert recommendations ensures improvement of your infrastructure security. By running an IT security audit, you benefit from:

Having more control over your IT and information security departments
Creating IT and data security processes in compliance with latest requirements
Minimizing risks of unauthorized access and data leaks

Avoiding financial and reputational losses


Extensive experience in information security

Years of proven audit expertise

Successfully passing PCI DSS compliance audits several years in a row

Our compliance assessment not only relies on formal approach, but is backed by common sense and best international practices

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