Quality of Service (QoS)

The Quality of Service (QoS) module enables bandwidth management based on application layer protocols, data flows, and bandwidth usage. With prioritization, up to 25% of the bandwidth is saved.

QoS can be used to classify inbound traffic and provide more resources for high priority applications and protocols. The option is highly suitable for IP telephony, IPTV, video streams, online conferences, and other very latency-sensitive data flows.


  • Classify and prioritize traffic throughout the network
  • Ensure the expected Internet speed
  • Distribute traffic evenly
  • Avoid network congestion

Prioritize traffic in peak hours

DPI-enabled prioritization moves low-priority applications to the background and assigns high priority to more important services, which preserves the quality of connection even in peak hours.

Hierarchical traffic prioritization

High quality of service is ensured by prioritizing the traffic of:

  • public access channel;
  • a user;
  • VLANs;
  • ports (if several uplinks are used).

Bandwidth monitoring

Stingray SG prevents bandwidth congestion by sending notifications when the higher limit is reached. Prioritizing traffic by protocols and flows, it ensures that low-priority traffic is displaced by high-priority traffic.

Bandwidth limitation based on subscription plan

Stingray SG limits bandwidth based on user subscription plan and prioritizes traffic within the bandwidth. It protects high priority applications, especially when several users share the same IP address and one of them overloads the bandwidth, affecting the work of important services. Such services will be given high priority, ensuring their stable operation.

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