Quality of Experience (QoE)

Quality of Experience (QoE) is a DPI module that gathers statistics and evaluates QoE. The data that it collects are compared with the preset metrics to evaluate the quality of telecom services and Internet connection for a single user. Based on this information, the module initiates steps required to improve the quality of service.

Quality of Experience

Compatible with key BRAS functions

Supplemented with billing information

Integration via APIs

Custom filters and triggers

Automatic support ticket creation


Number of sessions, devices, agents, IP addresses per subscriber

Traffic by application and transport layer protocols

Sequence of clicks, pages, and websites per each subscriber

Traffic by direction and AS

Retransmission rate

RTT (Round Trip Time)

Where to use DPI metrics

Sales and marketing

  • Marketing new services, selling wireless equipment and plans
  • Analyzing and preventing customer churn, improving customer loyalty
  • Targeted advertising based on subscriber profiles

Technical support

  • Troubleshooting, network monitoring using RRT and TCP retransmitting metrics
  • Finding the best Internet exchange points and connectivity points via Uplink

Subscriber profiles

By consumed traffic

By household income

By services used

By the number of children and pets

By hobbies and interests


The result is targeted advertising.

Action Result
Search for subscribers looking for other providers in your region Prevent customer churn
Search for subscribers owning SmartTV or gaming consoles Sell deals with a higher margin
Search for subscribers using ОТТ services Sell your own ОТТ services, cable boxes
Notify subscribers about special deals and services via redirects from an HTTP page Collect feedback on the quality of service or recent technical support tickets

Campaign settings

Integrated banners on HTTP pages for traffic monetization.

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  • Try the online QoE demo in our Traffic Lab
  • Try the free QoE Lite
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