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The OPTI Gas Station Chain Moves Its Information Systems to an ITGLOBAL.COM Hybrid Cloud

ITGLOBAL.COM, a Managed Service Provider (MSP), has built a hybrid cloud environment for OPTI’s systems and began providing 24/7 support and maintenance for OPTI’s infrastructure. These services include, but are not limited to: administration of all VMs down to the application level, network configuration, first-line support for gas stations, second-line Service Desk support, as well as help with setting up DevOps workflow for OPTI’s IT department.

OPTI, a Gazprom partner, is a gas station chain with more than 150 gas stations. Their management model is based on the OPTI digital platform, which requires a safe, high-performance IT infrastructure and 24/7 support.

Olga Korabelnik, Product Owner, and part of the “IT platform for gas station chain management” team:

“The OPTI platform has a lot of potential. In order to reduce labor costs, we decided to outsource all routine tasks to ITGLOBAL.COM, who can provide us with IaaS and take on administration services and DevOps. As a result, we can focus on developing our platform without getting distracted by issues that aren’t directly connected to our application.”

Private cloud requirements

In order to ensure fast and high-quality software development, OPTI deployed their development and testing environments in ITGLOBAL.COM’s public cloud. However, the company chose a private cloud for their production environment because OPTI’s key services require a very high level of security.


The first step was to migrate more than 100 OPTI’s VMs — over 20 TBs total — to a cloud environment provided by ITGLOBAL.COM. This was done by the end of 2019 over the course of a single day. To prepare for that, ITGLOBAL.COM had built an enterprise architecture for OPTI, with redundant servers, networking devices, and a storage area network. ITGLOBAL.COM successfully satisfied OPTI’s high security standards.

Currently, both partners are actively working together. On top of the already completed steps, ITGLOBAL.COM’s experts keep immersing themselves into the customer’s business processes. The company is taking on more and more tasks from OPTI, while also launching a pilot project as a part of its Managed DevOps’s service.


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