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VMware vCenter

VMware vCenter is software for managing servers created with VMware.

The utility works with a large number of hypervisors, unlike vSphere, which supports only one of them.

Working principle

The software includes several elements used to manage and administer the infrastructure within the company. Interaction between management servers and hosts is provided by the vCenter agent.

Connection to vCenter is available via the vSphere application installed on the computer or via the vCenter Web Access portal by using a browser.

The software monitors virtual hosts online and the physical hardware on which the VMs are deployed, and reports to administrators in case of any problems or errors.

The utility only comes with a fee-based license. In the first case, you must purchase vSphere Essentials, which includes this software. The license is suitable for a small virtual infrastructure with a maximum of 60 VMs.

The second option is to purchase a Standalone vCenter Server license. It is suitable for larger organizations with 25,000 virtual machines and 2,000 hosts.


The vCenter has the following features:

  1. Simplified virtual machine initialization system allows you to deploy a virtual infrastructure within the company in the shortest time.
  2. Allocation of computing resources and disk space is dynamic. VMware DRS migrates VMs between infrastructure nodes without affecting server workloads or causing downtime.
  3. vCenter Orchestrator automates tasks using ready-made patterns.
  4. The vCenter Update Manager component is responsible for software updates and hotfixes.
  5. A single management window displays the status of each VMware component, allowing administrators to monitor the situation online and quickly resolve malfunctions or errors.

The purchase of a fee-based Server Heartbeat license provides administrators with detailed information about each VMware component and switching between management servers in case of a failure or outage of the primary server.

The vCenter software provides a single window into the administration of a company’s virtual infrastructure. Flexible configurations, easy usage, working in the background without loading computing resources are the main principles of the application.

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