Qualified specialists on an hourly basis for development projects of any complexity


Our outsourcing service provides qualified specialists on an hourly basis. The project can be managed by the customer or by an ITGLOBAL.COM project manager.
You pay only for the time our specialist actually worked on the project. This is the total final cost for the customer. All employee-related payments (vacation, sick leave, taxes, social security, etc.) are dealt with by ITGLOBAL.COM.

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Main Advantages of Outsourcing

Involving ITGLOBAL.COM qualified specialists costs less than maintaining in-house staff

You are free to stop receiving services at any time. It’s much more effort-consuming to lay off employees

You are free from additional tax, sick leave and insurance expenses, and pay for time worked only

Reliable IT specialists are at your disposal for a transparent and predictable monthly fee

Skills of ITGLOBAL.COM employees are fully consistent with their declared qualifications and guaranteed by the company reputation and experience

Outstaffing vs Outsourсing


Employee becomes a part of the customer’s team

The customer has full control over the project and work performed

Best for companies with on-premise development department and smoothly running processes (or if these processes require optimization)


The service provider engages their own team to implement the project, e.g. to create a website or an application.

The provider controls project implementation and work of performers

Best for non-IT companies

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Global managed IT provider

ITGLOBAL.COM has 11 years of experience in outsourcing and outstaffing IT projects of various sizes. Hundreds of customers from Europe, Central America, Middle East, the CIS trust our expertise and experience worldwide.


ITGLOBAL.COM applies the best DevOps and CI/CD practices both in-house and as a part of customer’s task.

Any Qualifications You Need

The customer has an opportunity to engage any specialist—a tester, a developer, a DevOps engineer, etc.—at any specific stage of the project. An option available is to hire on a team of professionals to set up a full dev-to-prod cycle and unload own specialists.

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