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Expand your business portfolio with a ready-made, rapidly and easily customizable cloud platform with 30% profitability. Offer IaaS Service to your clients under your brand.

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A ready-made Cloud Platform under your own brand with 30% commission per each customer’s payment and less than 1-month time-to-market. Depending on who your typical clients are the Product can be a Click-And-Buy cloud platform for your site: to serve B2C and SMB customers, or a platform that sells B2B services for Enterprise with the help of your Sales team.

Within the ITGLOBAL.COM White Label Solution a Partner gets:

  • The Panel on the website with an ability to resale cloud computing recourses from ITGLOBAL.COM existing locations.
  • Full Product implementation branding and maintaining.
  • Wide list of services offered to the Customer (constantly expanding).
  • The Revenue sharing with a 30% profitability for a Partner.


ITGLOBAL.COM Cloud Services are delivered via the reliable, high-performance, compliant and secure unified Cloud Platform. In terms of branding “White Label” means that the Partner is entitled to offer IaaS Services under his own brand with no cohesion with ITGLOBAL.COM.

Start as an IaaS provider through our ready-made, turnkey solution. Management and monitoring are available to the Partner via the simple control panel. The Partner is provided with a basic price list with the ability to set retail prices and control margins.

ITGLOBAL.COM provides:

  • A ready-made Cloud Platform affordable to everyone.
  • Quick and easy start for the Partner (2 weeks for implementation).
  • Full implementation and maintenance.
  • Infrastructure (6 physical locations for reselling cloud resources).
  • 24/7 Technical Support.
  • Branding.
  • Development.
  • Training course for sales team (if needed).
  • Promotion consulting, marketing activities & content (additional).

The Platform contains:

  • Technological Know-How (an innovative hyperconverged vStack platform).
  • Amazing Control Panel (intuitively to customers).
  • Ultrafast deploy and high performance.
  • Both prepayment & post-payment models.
  • Payments in local currency (as well as PayPal & crypto currencies).
  • Billing in every 10 minutes.
  • Partner API + CLI.
  • Integration with marketing platforms (GetResponce, Google analytics, etc.).
  • Ticket support system.
  • Regular automatic platform updates.


Expand your portfolio, grow your customer base and improve its loyalty, increase your sales turnover.

  • Beautifully designed to be simple and engaging
  • Reliable (99,9% availability guaranteed by SLA)
  • Predictable (every 10-minute billing for active services only)
  • Scalable (1-minute deploy and easy to modify configurations)
  • Fast (Xeon Gold CPUs and NVMe SSDs perform best in benchmarks)

  • Cloud servers — Flexible virtual machines
  • Networks (private networks, direct connect)
  • Managed Services (Monitoring, backup, updates’ installation and incident management
  • Object storage — S3-compatible scalable space
  • Block storage — Expandable storage volumes
  • DNS — Your DNS records’ free management
  • SSL — Certificates for security & privacy maintenancev

Coming soon:

  • Kubernetes as a service
  • 1-click apps for cloud servers

  • Admin panel
  • Partners API & Public API
  • CLI
  • 2 factor authentication, SSH-keys
  • Performance dashboard and statistics
  • Сommand line interface
  • Monitoring


Traditional telecom services are stagnating; Value Added Services are no sources of substantial revenues and often difficult to deploy and sell; CSPs actively search for newer, not purely telco, revenue streams.

Internet Service Providers often face issues with B2B segment penetration; substantial expansion of IPSs own business portfolio is not an option as it requires large spendings.

Data Centers are eager to offer additional services, specifically accentuating turnkey cloud solutions; yet on many occasions there is the lack of personnel, expertise and plain working hours to implement a service of a substantial revenue generation.

Integrators possess a high level of technical expertise and experience in B2B sales. Entering the cloud business is the definite attraction, not just money-wise, for an Integrator. However, the threshold to be propelled into clouds is too high at times.

Our offer includes

Digital Marketing analytics for your country

Knowledge base and other materials

Technical documentation

Email notifications

Sales presentations

Dedicated account manager

Second line technical support


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