Managed Amazon Web Services

We help companies of all sizes manage Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Managed Amazon Web Services

About Service

ITGLOBAL.COM is the official partner of AWS.
We manage the full AWS service package:


Migration to Cloud

Technical Support


Consultation on Any Product

By the end of 2018, Amazon Web Services accounted for 32% of the global cloud market.
AWS offers more than 165 implemented, fully functional services for all purposes.
The platform allows building your own infrastructure from the ground up, or using ready-made solutions, in turn, reducing your IT costs.
The platform supports mobile, web and business applications, and provides data processing and storage, backup, and other workloads.
AWS is launching new regions faster than other providers. It is the most demanded hyperscaler in the world.
AWS solutions are the choice of major companies, such as Netflix, LinkedIn and Facebook.

We provide

Infrastructure migration and sizing, comprehensive support

We will study the task at hand, calculate the required amount of resources, and provide recommendations on how to optimize configurations in compliance with the requirements.
As your business grows, we will analyze the services you utilize and optimize the configuration based on your needs and budget.

Technical support in Russian

Our technical support team speaks Russian and is available 24/7.
We perform the first line support function, process all incoming requests and monitor your infrastructure status in compliance with the SLA

Easy Purchasing and Saved Time

Any AWS services are available with VAT refundable payments in rubles.
You won’t have to pay more because of different exchange rates, pass exchange control, or prepare a currency transaction report form

Consultations on Your Business Growth

We will describe AWS portfolio, help choose the solutions that fit your needs and provide recommendations on the deployment.
The service is rendered by certified professionals

Optimized set of services

We will analyze your needs and your budget capacity, and asses the chosen service efficiency according to your purposes.

Our expertise

For more than 10 years we have been delivering Managed IT services in our own cloud, third-party clouds, and on premises.
We know how to design reliable and high-performance architecture

Our experts have practical experience in managing AWS services and know which of them are better suited for a particular task.
This allows us to meet your demands, offering our balanced solutions


Our Focus Areas in Cloud Management

Focus on your business development and leave your AWS Cloud management to us in the following areas:

Infrastructure and Platform Services

We will design and deploy the required solutions and provide overall management of:

  • Infrastructure Services
  • Mobile and Computing Solutions
  • Application Services
  • Networks
  • Data Storage
  • SQL and NoSQL Databases;
  • Development Tools
  • Big Data, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence Services

Service Migration to Cloud

We will move all of your infrastructure or certain services from your premises and hybrid or public clouds to an AWS Cloud.
We use the best international practices and proven industry solutions

Hybrid Cloud Building

We integrate on-premise servers with AWS-based cloud resources

Business Continuity

We provide backup and recovery at the level of data or infrastructure components of any size

Development and Testing

We will blend into your team and help to simplify and speed up your product development.
Our work is based on CI/CD principles: the code and infrastructure can be deployed in your environment at any time
AWS cloud solutions for developers:

  • Improve efficiency
  • Automate most of routine processes
  • Improve program quality
  • Reduce the number of code errors

Security and Compliance

We guarantee your cloud infrastructure security and safety based on our reliable security tools, best knowledge and practices

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Our company is the qualified partner of AWS in Russia.
By choosing us you can:

Build a hybrid cloud and link AWS resources to other cloud platforms and hosting solutions

Offer and pay for services in rubles

Perform migration with ease

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