Managed IT

Leave your IT service management to the global Managed IT provider so you can focus on your business development

Managed IT

High Quality IT Services

Today, the way a business controls and manages its own infrastructure, data, and apps, impacts its success directly and has great effect on its bottom line. In our world of digital transformation, IT services not only influence the performance of all units of an enterprise, but directly determine operations. No matter the size of your business, your employees and customers will have great expectations of the quality of its IT services and how easily available they are. These demands will only increase.

24/7/365 Support of Your Infrastructure

This is an important and challenging task, which demands highly qualified specialists, the most modern technologies and constant investment. Supporting all IT services independently becomes too expensive and complex for many companies.

So they start searching for a reliable independent IT service provider, that is duly accredited and experienced in project implementation and support regardless of its complexity.

Why Us?

Global Managed IT Provider

ITGLOBAL.COM is a global Managed IT provider with over 10 years of experience in implementing infrastructure projects and outsourcing IT functions. Hundreds of customers from Russia, CIS, Eastern Europe, Middle East, and Central America trust our expertise and experience.


Choosing ITGLOBAL.COM as a Managed IT provider, you benefit from a comprehensive service, all components of which are designed to meet your business objectives. Outsourcing IT service design and management, you minimize investment into your own IT infrastructure and its support.

Customization of IT Solutions

With Managed IT, you can take advantage of flexible, customizable IT solutions tailored to your business and its ongoing changes.

Service Advantages

24/7/365 service desk and technical support in English

24/7/365 remote infrastructure monitoring and cloud hosting access

A dedicated manager and a project team of licensed specialists

Proactive infrastructure management and molding of IT development strategy

A team of licensed engineers, IT architects and experts

Guaranteed compliance with high SLA requirements and strong adherence to NDA

How Does It Work

  1. We discuss your business objectives and goals with you and your experts. We look into your enterprise issues and challenges, and design a solution to overcome them.

  2. The assigned project manager forms a group of specialists, based on how well their specific expertise and experience fit your needs, and the group begins implementing the solution. We always give you a realistic timescale and, if required, collaborate closely with your employees when it comes to implementation.

  3. Understanding your needs and goals, constantly following the development of new technologies, we take part in your IT service strategic planning and jointly create your IT infrastructure roadmap.

  4. You will always have access to a single point of contact and to highly experienced IT professionals, who will help you solve any organizational and technical issues arising in the project. We understand your enterprise structure, your features and how you differ from other companies, and offer services you really need.

Scope of Managed IT

Off-the-shelf IT architecture or customized solution

IT infrastructure monitoring, automatic alerts, customized reporting

24/7/365 services and data availability

Access to service portal and speedy processing of incoming support requests

Negotiating and consulting with vendors and solutions providers on your behalf

Data center and network management

Information security best practices

Guaranteed business continuity and emergency data recovery with no outage issues

IT service quality management


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