International Brand "ITGLOBAL.COM" (Formerly "IT-GRAD") Enters Russia's Managed IT Services Market

At the end of 2018, IT-GRAD group sold its cloud-computing business—the largest IaaS provider in Russia—to MTS, Russia’s largest telecom operator and digital service provider. MTS provides cloud services under #CloudМТS brand into which former IT-GRAD cloud will be integrated over time.

The transaction involved IT-GRAD 1 Cloud LLC, Enterprise Cloud LLC, and Kazakhstan’s 1 Cloud LLP and IT-GRAD LLP, which are cloud service providers within the IT-GRAD group. The IT-GRAD (corporate cloud services) and the 1cloud (small and medium-sized businesses) brands will continue to be used in Russia and Kazakhstan as part of #CloudMTS.

Starting in 2019, the remaining companies of the group will expand into other areas under the ITGLOBAL.COM international brand. The services provided by the group include Managed IT, functional IT outsourcing, system administration, as well as supply, installation and maintenance of servers, network equipment and storage systems.

ITGLOBAL.COM will partner with #CloudMTS to provide IaaS cloud services in Russia, Kazakhstan and several other neighboring countries. Outside these markets, ITGLOBAL.COM will deliver its own IaaS cloud services.

In 2019 ITGLOBAL.COM plans to open its branches and sales offices in more than ten new countries (Great Britain, Turkey, China, USA, Indonesia, etc.).

In Russia, the company’s main priority will be expanding its integrator services, as well as developing IT outsourcing and Managed IT services on premises or via virtual data centers of international cloud providers. ITGLOBAL.COM also plans to continue selling proprietary equipment and software. The company is actively investing in its own products: SaaS for enterprise business process management (IT, HR, Facilities), virtualization stack, and purpose-built solutions for telecom operators (DPI, BRAS, CGNAT).

By adding new countries to the map of its services, ITGLOBAL.COM can offer distributed integration solutions from a single provider to customers around the world.

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