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What is dedicated server

A dedicated server is a hardware solution that provides you with all kinds of computing capabilities. The only limitation is – all resources are designed and restricted for your own use. There are many users and services around, but your business should be ultimately convinced: your dedicated server works just for you, so no other entity can possibly be present within its operations.

Why managed

“Just” the dedicated server, wherever in the U.S. or Europe, is the smaller part of the story. The “managed” addition means: everything that is not directly related to business operations is on the providers’ side. This means — setup, maintenance, monitoring, etc. — are your concerns, but aren’t your headaches anymore, since in the managed dedicated server mode ITGLOBAL.COM will take care of everything technical. With the detailed real-time feedback readily available.


Your business might consider a managed dedicated server when the following conditions are tangible

Your data security is you top concern

You are the business entity with already high and expectably much bigger traffic volume

You provide customization of your Internet presence for your customers

You are not willing (for any reasons) to spare time for tweaking your own server setups

Options and Customization

Evolving storage. Every client gets a storage that perfectly fits the amount of data — both existing and predicted. Solutions like Storage Area Network, Network Attached Storage, Managed Backup, etc. are available for consideration.

Database management. Most tedious tasks, like database administration and monitoring, are performed by our experts. Dedicated professionals can guide you on architecture design, advanced troubleshooting and other emerging issues, in any.

Custom network. While the dedicated server is physically yours, ways in and out of it could be tricky. The network infrastructure we offer is not only secure, it also helps to keep your online performance at the very top.

Multiple environments’ readiness. Your dedicated cloud can be seamlessly connected to any other cloud or other environment, making your business accessible on any platform.

ITGLOBAL.COM: choice made right

We offer managed dedicated servers for any types of tasks, be it websites, infrastructures or other projects. Our typical solutions are Cisco USC servers based on Intel Xeon Gold processors, but the exact configuration will depend on your duty – and will fit it right. ITGLOBAL.COM attentively listens to its every client and is ready to provide the most suitable, both technically and money-wise, solution for each computing need.

ITGLOBAL.COM is successful on cloud market since 2008. The company has power over 5 data centers in 5 countries, from USA to Kazakhstan, and deals with 20+ partners and 1000+ corporate clients around the globe. But most importantly, ITGLOBAL.COM attentively listens to its every client and is ready to provide the most suitable, both technically and money-wise, solution for each computing cloud need.

Customer reviews

Michael Harris, European software development

“We as the company are quite picky when it comes to our partners. Our permanent strive is to be the best on the market — so we choose only the best to affiliate with. ITGLOBAL.COM with its managed dedicated server offer was and still is the best solution. No lagging whatsoever, technical specialists are truly helpful when it comes to issues — and I can proudly say there weren’t many. I hope it’s a “win-win-win”: for us, for our customers, and for ITGLOBAL.COM too, of course”.

Barbara Campos, South American telecom provider

“ITGLOBAL.COM sort of spoils us with its dedicated server. I know they have support team of seasoned professionals — but we never actually addressed support, cause there was simply no need for any troubleshooting! Everything works fine, connection is great at any time, both we and our customers are genuinely satisfied”.

Sergey Akhmerov, CIS marketplace

“We have chosen migration to the managed dedicated server of ITGLOBAL.COM a little over a year ago. It proved to be a vice decision: since the migration we never had a major issue. We finally allowed ourselves to stop worrying about our data security, and for our customers we’re always online”.


Totally. It is the physical equipment, a certain part of a data center — that is devoted exclusively for your needs. Nobody else, except your selected employees and ITGLOBAL.COM maintenance specialists, can access the data you need to keep private. At the same time (if needed) your server’s interface is accessible for all regular customers.

Cloud server shares physical server space with other clients. So, potentially, virtual server is more prone to security breaches, as it may host resources targeted for attacks, or simply less caring about their data. A dedicated server has no “neighbors” of any kind: all its resources are in hands of a single user. Virtual server is a more popular/widespread solution, and it costs less. While a dedicated server offers much more secure and customizable operations.

With the managed dedicated server it is no customer’s concern anymore: all maintenance is on ITGLOBAL.COM. While the monitoring tools are intuitive; you can also manage all your domains, websites and mail clients on the spot.

Not really. It is just not for every hosting need — a specific and, let’s be honest, not very cheap solution. One will rather not need a dedicated server if the one’s business is relatively small and steady: then a virtual server is an outcome that fits. But if your business is in the rapid growth phase, or requires top data protection — then a dedicated server is a core for you.

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