IT Infrastructure Administration

We offer server administration — a service that allows you to give up routine infrastructure management to our experts. The service includes full OS support at the platform level, as well as support of a range of databases and application servers

Application servers

  • Apache
  • IIS
  • HAProxy


  • Microsoft SQL
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Redis

Operating systems

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • BSD

We are responsible for

OS, server and database support

Middleware management

Regular updates

Logs, backups

Setup and reconfiguration

App management

24/7 monitoring

Proactive and reactive incident response.

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What We Do

Avoid unplanned downtime thanks to timely incident response based on monitoring results or customer requests

Monitor server availability and performance online, keep event logs

Install the latest OS and software updates within the same version (patches, security fixes, etc.)

Follow and stay up to date on using the best configuration practices in the industry

Proactively eliminate threats

Change configuration on demand

How We Work

  1. Free audit of your IT infrastructure
  2. Project scoping, approval of the responsibility matrix and budget
  3. Signing of the contract and SLA
  4. Infrastructure optimization, troubleshooting
  5. 24/7 monitoring and support
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Key Benefits

Concentrate on your business instead of being sidetracked by the need to maintain your IT infrastructure

Get access to professional services provided by certified engineers

Reduce your IT budget and put less pressure on your employees

Respond to incidents on time

Update your systems regularly

Enjoy high availability

24/7 Support

We offer full maintenance of servers 24/7:

  • Support
  • Troubleshooting and reconfiguration
  • Building servers from the ground up

  • Setup
  • High quality ensured by SLA
  • Regular updates


The cost is always individual and depends on the scope of managed services, that is, the type and quantity of operating systems, databases and applications. If required, the initial scope of services can be expanded by adding an additional application server or decreased by removing some services. The most important thing is that the customer clearly understands how much they pay and for what.

For an additional fee

  • We offer reconfiguration at the customer’s request, i.e. major reconfiguration, where a new scheme of component interaction is required, etc.;
  • Migration to another OS, e.g. Windows Server 2012 to Windows Server 2016;
  • Any additional support of IT services billed on an hourly basis, e.g. working with software that is not included in the scope of service.

Our Strengths

24/7 support by experts with deep knowledge of all server operating systems

Quick scaling and optimization of server infrastructure with respect to business requirements

100% compliance with SLA and penalties in case of unplanned downtime

Cheaper server infrastructure maintenance

More effective key business processes

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