Track availability and performance of your IT services. Instant alerts sent to relevant specialists

Service Description

Monitoring gives you control over the status, availability and performance of your IT systems.

Obtain metrics
Send alerts to users in case of deviations from preset rules
Store historical data
Provide interactive historical data for analysis
Get early notifications about potential problems
Let our monitoring service report problems, not your customers


Monitoring nodes

The Netherlands (Amsterdam)
Germany (Frankfurt)
USA (Claymont)

How Does It Work

With over 100 businesses connected to our monitoring solution, we have designed a large number of relevant health models or sets of rules that determine whether IT services operate normally.

  1. We tailor our monitoring service to your needs

  2. Choose either out-of-the-box or custom-made health models based on your specific requirements

  3. Monitor critical infrastructure health, receive notifications, keep track of availability and performance metrics, and download historical data at any time via self-service interface

  4. Receive automatic alerts if thresholds are exceeded. Choose your preferred notification channel (email, text messages), configure roles, and set up notification schedule


ITGLOBAL.COM provides monitoring at several different levels, and stores and provides historical data for any reporting period.


Operating System


Business Metrics


Our experts deliver the health model that is best for you to cover monitoring of all required infrastructure metrics. It can be based on previous health models or custom-built for your business

Sharing monitoring and administrative tasks keeps you updated and lets you supervise infrastructure recovery. If any deviations from standard parameters are detected, alerts are sent to all responsible persons, and engineers can start recovery works

You can analyze historical data for any reporting period

You can choose your preferred channel to get on-time alerts

Key Advantages

Extensive expertise

With over a hundred successful projects under our belt, no task is unsurmountable for us. ITGLOBAL.COM engineers provide professional support and deliver optimum solutions depending on your monitoring needs

Distributed Monitoring

Uninterrupted availability is ensured by our monitoring nodes deployed in different locations, which contributes to stability and resilience of the service

Custom Solutions

Our service is tailored to your specific needs. As your business grows and IT systems develop, our experts will help you optimize your current health models

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