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In-Memory Computing Powered by Multiprocessors. Up to 64 TB RAM per OS


The primary use case for Scale Cloud as a service is businesses that want to migrate to an in-memory computing platform like SAP HANA. The main advantage of the SAP HANA in-memory platform is its performance. It is column-oriented, and the data are stored in the server’s RAM (unlike MySQL, which stores data on disks). Scale Cloud allows to scale up RAM and CPU cores to support uninterrupted and high-performance SAP HANA operation.

The IT market offers very few services similar to Scale Сloud. It is a service that does not require a multi-million investment, with the customer paying a fixed monthly amount. Multiprocessors with up to 64 TB RAM are included in the scope. The system has flexible configuration and can be quickly scaled up as required.

Inverse virtualization is used to compile multiprocessor servers with the required OS and configuration from standalone two-socket and four-socket servers. CPU and RAM resources are pooled. With inverse virtualization, we can scale up the software-defined server by scaling out the physical infrastructure.

Use Cases


By 2025, SAP aims to switch all of its customers to SAP HANA. ITGLOBAL.COM offers hardware systems ready for deployment of SAP HANA Dev and SAP HANA Test environments for simpler migration to SAP HANA.

Oracle Database In-Memory

Oracle Database In-Memory is designed for storage and processing of large volumes of data in RAM. It supports row and column formats, and accelerates analytics and transaction applications. Scale Cloud enables deployment of any in-memory computing capabilities on Oracle Database.

Predictive Analytics

Instant reports and predictions generated by analytical systems and Business Intelligence modules with the power of in-memory computing.

High-Performance Computing (HPC)

High-performance computing is data processing at quadrillions of calculations per second. Typically, a supercomputer would be considered an HPC system. HPC requires a lot of hardware power. It is used in IoT-solutions, 3D rendering, and machine learning. Today, HPC as a service is available as part of Scale Cloud.

Proven Cost-effectivness

Savings are evident starting at 3TB RAM


Tier III data centers

No capital expenses. Only fixed monthly

Flexible customized configuration

11 years of experience in IT services

Scale Сloud is a new service with high quality support

Support is provided 24/7. Guaranteed compliance with ITIL and ITSM/MOF best practices

Groundbreaking prices for powerful servers

Personal manager

Service Activation

Configuration Options

Need a tailor made solutions?

160 3072
160 6144
200 6400
200 7680
240 7680
240 9216
280 9856

280 10752
320 11264
320 12288
360 12672
360 13824
400 14080
400 15360

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