Managed Databases

Databases we create, setup and manage

What is Managed Databases

Managed Databases service is either creation of a new, or management of an existing database cluster. The service suggests database operations and scaling in a cloud infrastructure or on-premise. Managed Databases includes:

  • cluster creation;
  • connection to monitoring;
  • connection to logging;
  • connection to ITSM system;

  • 1st and 2nd support lines;
  • back-up;
  • software updates;
  • consulting and technical support.

Master-Slave vs Cluster

Today the majority of products use master-slave replication – which consists of two elements only. This mode of database operations is known for low fault tolerance and manual failover. Such an approach can result not only in big financial losses, but also in loss of critically important data.

ITGLOBAL.COM specialists use a three-nodes cluster model. This approach:

Provides manual failover

Fights flapping

Increases fault tolerance

Decreases a number of incidents

Why do you need Managed Databases

Data is the critically important resource today, and database is the main component of corporate IT. Businesses keep facing issues in managing growing volumes of information; they are in dire need for maximum performance, availability and security. Database management is the labour- and time-consuming process. Managed Databases service will help saving these resources, providing:

Full-fledged database management. So you could concentrate on more important tasks

Guaranteed performance. No need to worry about important and resource-intensive databases

24/7 support. ITGLOBAL.COM engineers are always in touch

Simple scaling. Databases’ expansion with no idle time

High availability


  • Evaluation of databases’ availability and operability.
  • Optimization, necessary for efficient use of resources.
  • Databases’ transformation and modernization – to provide high availability and performance.
  • Further maintenance, including back-up, security audit and 24/7 support.





  • Evaluation of the project’s architecture, volume and development stage.
  • Pre-audit of the current processes.
  • Price calculation, roadmap design.
  • Conclusion of NDA and the contract.
  • Creation of new databases – or modernization and setup of the existing ones.
  • Monitoring and technical support.


Expert knowledge

Usage of database clusters in both internal and external projects


Many years of exercising the best practices in IT projects of various scale


High performance and fault tolerance of the solutions

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