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Asian providers found out how to timely detect a botnet with Stingray SG All-In-One solution

ITGLOBAL.COM and VAS Experts participated in Asian-Pacific APRICOT telecom conference. Telco operators of the region were introduced to how exactly CG-NAT of Stingray SG All-In-One solution helps detecting the suspicious network activity on early stages.

Situation on the market

As of today many Asian-Pacific countries achieved great success on IPv6 protocol implementation and continue step-by-step migration to networks which use IPv6 only. Yet IPv4 remains actual, migration process goes slowly, and no new addresses will be available in this protocol. Therefore providers have to continue working with IPv4, using CG-NAT IPv4/IPv6 dual stack for simultaneous functioning of the protocols.

CG-NAT can cause issues in operations of the following services:

  • online games;
  • video streamings, IPTV;
  • VOIP;
  • FTP;
  • torrents;
  • port forwarding;
  • NAT-PMP;
  • Internet Gateway Device Protocol.

These issues are solvable, if CG-NAT that supports Application-level gateway component is used.

In this video in English we describe the details.

Thus, using CG-NAT within Stingray SG platform will not only help to protect the subscribers from attacks, but will also serve as the base for smooth migration to IPv6 due to IPv4/IPv6 dual stack. Application-level gateways (ALG) will provide proper functioning of all application types at client side – regardless of the IP version actually used.

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