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ITGLOBAL.COM helped the African TSP Rofa Network to boost its competitive advantage on the market

ITGLOBAL.COM recently finished the implementation project of Stingray Service Gateway in Rofa Network, the internet service provider in Africa.

Stingray Service Gateway, developed by VAS Experts (belongs to ITGLOBAL.COM group), is a software-based multifunctional platform for traffic management, control and analysis based on Deep Packet Inspection technology. It is designed to inspect, classify and process packets according to the rules and policies of the ISP.

The African Internet services provider Rofa Network was looking for a flexible, reliable, and cost effective traffic management solution as well as the modern hardware. ITGLOBAL.COM reveals the details of the exciting customer success story with unexpected difficulties, a plot twist and, of course, a happy ending.

Find the full story here.

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